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Discover Why Thousands of Motivated Mommas Around The World Are…

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Creating Financial Freedom For Their Family, Without "Mom-Guilt" Of Taking More Time Away From Loved Ones

Too Long Didn't Watch? Here's The Cliffnotes for the Busy Mommas:

The Big Ugly Problem: Many Moms Fall Into Time-Sucking Time Traps

Many moms desire to be more than just mom.

We have drive for contribution, fulfillment, community, and financial security.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of "opportunities" out there that lure us in, but fall short and leave moms shamed and defeated. 

Stats show that out of 1000 people who join an MLM, 997 of them will lose money, yikes!
(and that's just one of the time-traps Rainmakers helps moms avoid). 

If you've tried an opportunity that has failed you before, it's not your fault...the odds simply weren't in your favor. 
It's just simple momma math.

Our Miracle Solution: The Rainmaker Method

We teach motivated mommas the same reliable system that has been a financial miracle our family for years.

It transformed us from from "trading dollars for hours" to generating thousands passively online every single day.

This is what we now call The Rainmaker Method, a proven step by step roadmap to own your own business, create your own brand, and sell your own products online. This method has been the secret key for our family and now thousands of others who have created six figure "side hustles" during nap time.

The 4 Cherries on Top: Repeatable, Scaleable, Findable, Passive

Many mommas have entrepreneurial drive, but start businesses that take them away from the very reason they started in the first place!
With the Rainmaker Method There's 4 Cherries on Top That Truly Sweeten The Pie:

REPEATABLE: In our Rainmaker Challenge we teach how to use a simple software to uncover products that are proven to sell.
99% of families we work with come to us with NO product ideas to start.

SCALEABLE: We work with ethical manufacturers to cut out middle-men and get those products for a fraction of the cost. Like Heather, who before Rainmakers had a ceiling, DIY-ing wooden signs with all the extra time she had as a new mom. Now following The Rainmaker Method she has sold $1,000,000 without making any more products herself, creating a true "hands off" income stream.

FINDABLE: We sell on world's most trusted e-commerce platform, Amazon, where thousands of customers are searching for products like the one we'll help you make. This is the #1 reason all other online opportunities fail, they rely on your ability to "drive traffic" and do marketing. On Amazon, the loyal customers are already there looking to find you. You also don't have to constantly pitch your friends and family which we can all be thankful for :)

PASSIVE: In Rainmakers, we leverage Amazon's "fulfillment network" to handle all the shipping, handling and customer service. This means adding more products to your shop doesn't take more time away from your family. Many Rainmakers cross the six-figure milestone without ever touching a single box themselves!

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Results From Rainmakers Who Took The Challenge...

Here's Everything You Are Going To Get When You Join The Challenge Right Now

  • 4 Days of Rainmaker Challenge (Value $197): Learn how to get started, how to find profitable products, how to take your idea and turn it into a physical product. Just like our community of momma's and papa's all over the world.
  • Bonus #1 How To Build A Business During Nap Time ($47 Value) Life can be hectic, when we first started on Amazon it was pretty crazy trying to figure it all out now we run our Amazon business in less than 30 minutes a day. This training reveals behind the scenes of how we do it.
  • Bonus #2: Heather's Secret Tool ($197 Value) What if there was a secret tool to find best product on Amazon? Heather replaced her job, bought her dream home, and even an RV for family adventures on the road. This is the tool she uses every time she launches a new product.
  • Bonus #3: How To Get Amazon Products For FREE ($97 Value) This is exclusive to Rainmakers. Some Rainmakers have paid for the challenge investment just through the value of these free products.
  • Bonus #4: Our Power Profit Tool ($197 Value) We built this tool for ourselves after nearly launching a failed product. This tool has allowed ourselves and The Rainmaker Community to only launch profitable products.
  • Bonus #5: Followers2Dollars Instagram™ Course ($97 Value) One of the key questions we get asked is how do I get people to my product page? This course has enabled Rainmakers to get over 10,000 followers on Instagram and turn them into dollars.
  • Bonus #6 Intro To Our Product Sourcing Agent (Priceless Value) Imagine ordering the first product and waiting months for it to arrive with it never to show. We need suppliers that we can trust and that can grow with us. This is our personal product sourcing agent that has been responsible for over 1,000 product being launched on Amazon.

Total Value: $832

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